1. tara Said:

    Hello! Thanks for the kind comment on my site (seven spoons) and for letting me know that the link in my story wasn’t working. I’ve fixed it, but I thought I’d send it to you directly as well, to make it easier.

    That mocha cake was a specialty of my Mum’s when I was growing up. And I adore it. If you try it, I hope you do too.


  2. jv Said:

    Like your site. Was surprised to see you are also a med student. I baked my way through medschool as well and went obgyn.
    Must be something about baking pastries that makes you want catch babies.

    • Sharlene Said:

      Haha it must be! Buns in ovens 🙂 I’m always on the lookout for foodies/bakers who are somewhere in a medical career. There are a few out there!

  3. Jackie Hale Said:

    For some reason, the link isn’t working for my Vanilla Bean Coconut cupcakes to my website’s link. Thanks. Jackie

  4. shawnsplate Said:

    Hey Sharlene, as one of my favorite food blogs, I added Small Town Oven as a link on my blogroll. Since I’m not sure of appropriate blog etiquette, I thought that I’d let you know and ask permission at the same time 🙂

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