about me

20-something who accidentally devoted her life to “perpetual learning” [and probably malpractice – HELLO OB/GYN!] but makes it through life one baked good at a time [followed by multiple trips well-intentioned plans to go to the gym]..

I’m Sharlene. I don’t proclaim to be the greatest baker in all the land. I really think I just like to bake and bake often enough that people think I’m pretty decent so here we have it. A chronicle of my attempts at baking out of my little tiny kitchen and lack of funds and time. Have to start somewhere, right?

I’ve always loved to bake. I probably started around age 10 or 11 with cake mix. I’d volunteer to go grocery shopping and spend the entire time standing in the baking aisle figuring out what exact type of cake I was craving that day. Obviously, my parents didn’t reject my cake purchases. I gradually moved on to brownies and apple crisp and then sometime in 7th or 8th grade I decided that boxed goods were no longer good enough for me. There was a mom in my private Catholic grade school (kindergarten to 8th grade) who gave out homemade cookies for Christmas one year. TO THE WHOLE SCHOOL! She also happened to have a son in my brother’s grade so I got to eat even more cookies as she’d bake for his grade for every single holiday.. every single year. Homemade was the way to go! So that was it. I never went back to the boxed goods and instead walked further down the baking aisle to fetch flour, sugar of all sorts, and chocolate chips.

I think I realized I had a problem sometime first year of medical school when I started sacrificing sleep, gym, and studying to make a batch of cupcakes or goody bags of cookies for an impromptu holiday party. See, I’m a stress baker above all and the stress is never lacking in med school. Every six weeks there’s an exam and every six weeks I’m bound to make SOMETHING (and buy a pair of shoes but that’s neither here nor there). I also started making cakes for all of my friends’ birthday celebrations. The first one was a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for Boy. (That’s when he fell in love with me. Incidentally, that’s also when I broke my hand mixer and so I decided I must really like him back to not beat him with a wooden spoon post-tragedy.) Since then, I’ve been a baking monster and here we are!

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  1. Boy Said:

    BAKING MONSTER! i like the new site 🙂

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