to do

Things I’d love to bake in the near/far future. This list will likely grow as I go further along but hopefully it’ll shorten at the same time!

  • French macarons [04.20.10 plain with lemon curd filling]
  • marshmallows
  • work with fondant
  • chocolate candies/truffles
  • bread (with yeast) [do cinnamon rolls count? 02.27.10]
  • cream puffs [02.14.10 for Valentine’s Day with Boy]
  • twinkies for brother
  • doughnuts [10.27.10 Daring Bakers October challenge]
  • buttercream
  • royal icing [03.03.10 – for baby shower cookies]
  • quark
  • pastry cream
  • something from Daring Bakers (with heavy consideration to join) [joined Daring Bakers in June 2010]
  • puff pastry
  • something with bacon
  • homemade butter
  • jam/marmalade


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