So.. help?

Due to unforeseen loss of internet combined with the timeliness of this post, I have elected to do something selfish.

There is no recipe this post.

Its just all about me.

See, I had a great post all ready to go. It was about indecisiveness.

I’m still indecisive but my laptop is not able to connect to the internet for a few days and so I cannot upload the matching photos and, well, a half-baked post just didn’t sit well with me.

So new post this weekend with pictures, promise.

But for now, I need a suggestion for a birthday cake.

I turn the ripe ol’ age of 25 (yes, I know, many of you are rolling your eyes) at the end of next week and for the FIRST TIME EVER I want to make myself a fantabulous birthday cake.

I’ll have limited time since I will only have the night before and the morning of to make it. No other requirements.

If you must know, I was leaning more towards cheesecake/mousse but have toyed with the idea of at least a little bit of actual “cake.” It has to serve about a dozen people too but the pieces can be small.

So.. suggest away! Please? Do you know of a tried and true cake? Or have seen one that you’d like to try out but haven’t gotten around to yet?



  1. Xiaolu Said:

    Aw I turned 25 this year too. Happy birthday! I don’t know if it’s a a cake you’d typically think of for birthdays, but I’ve been dying to make this tres leches cake with raspberries. The ingredients see pretty traditional too :). Hope you do something awesome for the big day!

  2. Joanne Said:

    happy almost birthday love! we need to celebrate! I’m not sure if sunday will work. What were you thinking? Lunch, dinner, dessert? Let me know.

    Mmmm cheesecake. My favorite cheesecake is the raspberry white chocolate cheesecake I made a while back. Although the NY cheesecake was also fantastic. If you’re into chocolate, the double chocolate layer cake I made – a dream. But only if you really love chocolate.

  3. Sues Said:

    Happy almost birthday!! It’s my mom’s bday tomorrow and I really need to think of a cake to make her, too! I’m so torn on what to do!

  4. Pam Said:

    Happy Birthday! Red Velvet or Hummingbird Cake!

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