Cupcake Hero [Coconut] WINNER

Okay. There was a LOT of baking this weekend which means I went home because I’m currently staying at an apartment with no flour or anything else to bake with.

We pitted two beautiful looking and delicious sounding cupcakes against one another.

In this corner we have Katherine’s Homemade Snowball

And in the other corner we have Amy’s Mochoconut Cupcakes

Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

(Ha. Stole that last line from the Food Network!)

After consulting the judges, a decision has finally been reached. It was not easy to say the least.

But our winner for Cupcake Hero July [Coconut] is..









:: crowd roaring ::

This cupcake was an amazing blend of flavors. Coffee, almond, chocolate, AND coconut?! Wow. We couldn’t get enough of the icing and the macaroon on top was a very creative way to use coconut and made for a very pretty, but still not overly complicated, cupcake. I think I’ll have requests to make this cupcake again soon. The flavors perfectly balanced one another.

Thanks again everyone for your contributions to this month’s Cupcake Hero!

Amy, please send your mailing address to iheartcuppycakes[at]gmail[dot]com to receive your prize package. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for August!



  1. C&C Cakery Said:

    Congrats, Amy! Your cupcake looked like the best out of the group! I’m glad you took home the gold!

    What blog will next month’s competition be on?

  2. Jackie Hale Said:

    Congratulations Amy!!

  3. Congrats to Amy! It was love at first sight when I saw that cupcake and I knew it was going places ;p.

  4. Boy Said:

    i am told she started a blog yesterday. congrats Amy!

  5. Shannyn Said:

    Congratulations Amy! Your cupcake sounds really yummy… So I wonder what next month’s theme will be?????

  6. bakerbarth Said:

    Ah, you will soon see what next month’s theme will be. The Cupcake Hero Competition will be my blog’s inaugural post! Wahoo!! My new blog is:

  7. Joanne Said:

    Congrats to Amy! And to you my dear for baking through these! They book look seriously complicated.

  8. bakerbarth Said:

    Check it out, the august theme is up:

  9. Kimberly Said:

    Congrats Amy! Your cupcake is beautiful and sounds delicious!

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