Cupcake Hero July : Coconut FINALISTS

Thank you to everyone for their votes and participation!

This has been a whirlwind month and I’m ecstatic at the response Cupcake Hero July has had.

The polls are now closed and I have made my decision as to which cupcake will face-off head-to-head with the popular vote.

This was truly the hardest decision I’ve had to make in a while. The entries were so delicious looking and sounding!

Poor Boy had to listen to me whine about my difficult decisions. What a life, eh?


Without further ado, your Cupcake Hero July : Coconut Finalists are..

[drumroll please]

Katherine’s Homemade Snowball


Amy’s Mochoconut Cupcakes

It’s the battle of chocolate!! I’m quite excited.

Thank you again to all the entries. Without you this would not have been much of a competition.

I will make both cupcake recipes, hand them out to family and friends, and take votes based on taste as to who will be the next Cupcake Hero!

Look out for the winner to be posted July 26 or 27!

Good luck to both cupcakes!!



  1. Joanne Said:

    I am spending this weekend mentally preparing myself to be an official tastetester. You definitely made the right choice with the coffee-flavored one! It looks quite gorgeous.

    My phone is broken, by the way, so if I don’t respond to your text messages it’s because I can’t see them and not because I don’t love you!

  2. Lovely coconut cupcakes! What fab ideas!

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