July Cupcake Hero : [Coconut]

Hello everyone!

I’m overjoyed that I get to host this month’s Cupcake Hero and quite honestly didn’t expect to receive such an honor so even though Dorothy warned both finalists to get out their thinking caps in case we won I was not prepared.

I’m the girl at the Oscars who didn’t write a speech.

Luckily, I have some great friends who were more than willing to help me come up with something a bit out-of-the-norm but still accessible and still summery. It’s a flavor that always reminds me of summer and, if you read my blog, I have always loved even when it wasn’t “cool.”

The July 2010 Cupcake Hero ingredient is..







[wait for it]







[wait for it]








[Cue massive cheers.]

Think of the possibilities! Coconut flakes? Coconut milk? Coconut extract? And, if you dare, FRESH coconut (which I’ve never used so that’ll be interesting)!

I’m so excited to see all the entries.

The Lowdown:

  • Anyone can enter but international shipping addresses may not be able to receive the prize package from Clara.
  • Create a cupcake using COCONUT in at least one component be it the cake itself, frosting, filling, garnish etc. Sky’s the limit.
  • If you blog, create a post and then email your name, the link, and the name of the cupcake to me at smalltownoven[at]gmail[dot]com with Cupcake Hero in the title.
  • No blog? No problem! You can still email me your name, the full recipe, pictures, and the name of the cupcake.
  • Also join the Flickr group and upload 1-2 pictures per entry.
  • Multiple entries welcome but separate email per entry.
  • Deadline will be July 17th at midnight. Roundup will be July 18th-19th followed by voting until July 22nd.
  • Readers will pick Finalist #1. I pick Finalist #2.
  • I bake both Finalist cupcakes and assemble a focus group to help me decide the winner to be announced July 26th-27th.
  • Any questions? smalltownoven[at]gmail[dot]com
  • For information on prizes, see here.

Deadline: JULY17th at MIDNIGHT Eastern Standard Time!

Go forth and bake!

– Sharlene


  1. Courtney Said:

    I’ve already got a great idea! Now I’ve got to go out and bake before vacation!

  2. Joanne Said:

    Alrighty. Time to start thinking. Putting on my game face.

  3. Catie Said:

    Yay. I love coconut. 🙂

  4. […] to do July Cupcake Hero : [Coconut] […]

  5. Dorothy Said:

    Yum! I love coconut. Already have an idea in mind for my entry 🙂 I’ll write up a post tomorrow to send people here for Cupcake Hero!

  6. Jackie Hale Said:

    Very excited to be entering my first contest ever!! I already have my ideas brewing and can’t wait to submit. Best of luck to all the participants.

  7. Kimberly Said:

    Oh yeah! I have no idea what to do. 🙂

  8. C&C Cakery Said:

    We’ll sending you an entry this weekend!

  9. Jessica P Said:

    I wish I’d known about Cupcake hero sooner! darn, two days isnt enough time and I LOVE coconut!

  10. GrammaSusan Said:

    Oh, darn I missed it. I’ve been very busy. My fault for not checking in more often 😦

    I just love coconut!!! Can’t wait to see the winner’s recipes. I have a Watkins home business and Watkins has the very best coconut extract ever! I would have made incredible cupcakes. In fact, now I”m hungry and will have to go make some coconut cupcakes now. 😀

    Hope you all had fun.

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