Hello world!

I’ve been wanting to start something for a few months now, encouraged mainly by the obscene amounts of baked goods I’ve been making to quell the fat girl inside of me offset the winter blues and the fact that Boy is being uber-supportive. However, wanting to do something and actually doing it have become more and more mutually exclusive ideas as time goes on. Attribute that to medical school. And the depression of working on a psychiatric inpatient unit for 3 weeks in January, which is coincidentally peak Seasonal Affective Disorder season. So this little project was put on the backburner.

Until today.

When after a little spat this morning, Boy made me an omelette  and delivered it to the door looking like THAT, I needed to take a picture and show the entire world (ie the 4 – that’s wishful thinking  already – people who’ll read this) how cute eggs can be. And how delicious – there’s an awesome pile of cheddar right between Eggie’s eyes.

He knows me so well.

– Sharlene

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